‘The Do Gooders’ (dir. Chloe Ruthven, 75 mins, 2013)

Tuesday 28th January


Film screening followed by an audience discussion with Lubna Marsarwa and director Chloe Ruthven. 

Are aid organisations entrenching Israel’s regime in Palestine? Instead of helping to bring injustice to an end, are international activists and NGOs imposing their agendas on Palestinians?

Inspired by a book written by her grandmother about aid projects in Palestine, filmmaker Chloe Ruthven travels to the region to explore the effects of foreign aid on a people living under occupation. Along the way she meets local activist Lubna Masarwa. She not only becomes her driver, guide and fixer, but also offers a rare insight into the imbalance of power relationships on the ground. Masarwa speaks frankly of her distaste and distrust of foreign aid, something that sits uneasily with Ruthven . She begins to realise that while her film had begun by documenting a problem, she herself had become part of that problem. Followed by an audience discussion.


Lubna Marsawa asks uncomfortable questions in Chloe Ruthven’s “The Do Gooders”

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