‘The Shebabs of Yarmouk’

Tuesday 27th May  

The_Shebabs_of_Yarmouk_2 small size


A film by Axel Salvatori-Sinz, followed by a discussion.

In Yarmouk (Syria), the Shebabs, a small group of boys & girls, have been friends for years. Now as young adults, they have a genuine thirst for life, while being each faced with a conflicted situation. Between the need for freedom and sticking to the group, between longing for revolt and the prospect of a well-ordered life, choices are hard to make – all the more so when you’re a Palestinian refugee in the camp of Yarmouk, in Syria.

Director Salvatori-Sinz invites us to observe his subjects’ intimate banter, and from this material he constructs a striking and subtly poetic portrait of the camp’s young people, in the period just before Yarmouk was subjected to today’s desperate state of siege.

See the trailer here.

PLUS: After the screening, Emily Churchill Zaraa, a former resident of Yarmouk, will discuss  the impact of the uprisings and the current siege on Palestinians in Syria including those who participated in this film.

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